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Our Story

Island eco exports (Pvt) Ltd is a Business established by the visionary entrepreneur Mr. A.H.C.Kumarage in the year 1958 to trade in Spices. Based in the city of Ratnapura the business has grown over the decades to become one of the leading suppliers of a wide variety of tropical spices to the international market including Pepper, Clove, Nutmeg, Mace, Betel nut, Garcinia and mainly pure Ceylon Cinnamon. The holding company is also one of the leading suppliers of Natural Rubber and Centrifuged Latex in Sri Lanka.

Thriving based on its founders core business values of Trust and Righteousness the company is constantly striving to meet best quality standards and thereby building a solid reputation among its varied customer base. Now the business has become one of the most respected Spice Houses in the Island nation. Having access to a wide base of small and medium scale local spices growers, large spice estates and company owned estates, Island Eco Exports (Pvt) Ltd provide you the essence of true Ceylon spices at any quantity or specification required.

Since Island Eco Exports (Pvt) Ltd directly reaches you with its own products with limited intermediaries, the quality of its products and competitive pricing is always guaranteed. .